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Tragic Suicide Note Found

( - In a tragic incident, J. Michael Cline, the co-founder of the renowned movie ticket company Fandango, ended his life after leaving a...

SHOTS Fired 19 Minutes After THIS!

( - New revelations about the recent assassination attempt on Donald Trump are becoming more and more outrageous as it has now been revealed...

Six Dead; Were They Poisoned?!

( - In a harrowing and deadly case, police are investigating the deaths of six people found in a luxury hotel room. It is believed...

She Confesses: ‘I Was Drunk’ (Video)

( - In an embarrassing admission, country music sensation Ingrid Andress has confessed that she “was drunk” during a critically maligned rendition of the...

Actor’s Case Thrown Out – FATHER Speaks!

( - In a somewhat surprising turn of events, an involuntary manslaughter charge against Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin for a cinematographer’s death on set...

Huge Cancer Breakthrough

( - In a huge medical and scientific brеakthrough, scientists have made a crucial DNA discovery that could help cure one of the deadliest...

TV Fitness Coach Dead

( - Richard Simmons, the vibrant and distinctively coiffed television personality and fitness instructor who democratized fitness for a broad audience before withdrawing from...

Prince Harry Gets Emotional

( - Prince Harry got emotional when he formally accepted the Pat Tillman Award for Service at the ESPY ceremony amid ongoing controversy, which...


( - Despite stumbling and stammering through several answers, Joe Biden struck a defiant tone during a trainwreck press conference, asserting that he is...

Workers Hours Cut Because of THIS!

( - After a new California law raised the minimum wage for fast food employees from $16 to $20 an hour, the owner of...

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