About The Independent Star

At The Independent Star, we report fact-based news and current events with no mainstream bias. We promise to report the most important news on current events, politics, and the happenings that impact our daily lives. If you’re searching for straight news without partisan spin, you are in the right place. Our readers come from all political backgrounds and walks of life, and we welcome you without judgment. We are so glad you’ve found us!

Like you, our team values centered, balanced reporting, free of party influence, special interests, or big business. We are here to deliver truth through integrity and up-to-date stories about what’s going on in our nation and around the world. The Independent Star is dedicated to helping you better understand how current events shape our lives now, and in the future. Our team is also committed to defending and protecting the US Constitution through freedom of the press.

We stand with you to champion free speech and fair news without censorship. Today, many more voices are being censored in American news and media than have in recent decades. Our team understands how serious it is for a media outlet or credible expert to be silenced. The people have a right to know about the stories and happenings that are unfolding around us. If there’s an important story we believe we should share, we will make sure it gets to you.

Each week, our team carefully selects news items to share with our readers. Before we report breaking news, we analyze it from all sides, making sure we understand the full scope of the issue. Then, we bring it to you so you can decide where you stand. We encourage you to form your own opinions about the most impactful events in the news today.

What to Expect from The Independent Star

At The Independent Star, you can expect news reports that take a balanced approach to the issues of the day. Because we don’t take partisan sides, we won’t cater to any particular political party or ideology. Instead, we believe that the core purpose of journalism is to report news in such a way that readers can take away their own thoughts and opinions after they read. Our job is not to guide you to a predetermined conclusion that will further our own interests. Instead, we want to share objective reports that allow you to make up your own mind.

We place a high value on our readers’ time, so we get straight to the point. You can easily check our news updates on the go, wherever you are. Each story is written in such a way that readers can quickly take in an important, fact-based piece of news, then go about their day feeling informed.

When you receive news emails from us, you’ll get two kinds of reports. Let’s take a look at what those look like.

Star Briefs

Star Briefs from The Independent Star are hard-hitting news stories that deliver simple facts to help you stay up-to-date on what’s happening around the world and across the nation. They’re easy to digest so you can get the scoop, then go about your regular routine.

Balanced Reports

Balanced Reports take important news issues and expand on them, digging deeper for a more detailed story. We know how important it is to get additional information on current events when possible. Our team will deliver Balanced Reports regularly so you can dive further into important topics that affect our rights and daily lives as Americans.

How to Reach Us

Watch your email for regular news updates from The Independent Star. If you like what you see, hit reply and let us know. Our editors respond to reader messages, and we’d love to hear from you.


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