Biden Insults Ally (Audio)

( – President Joe Biden has inflicted a huge new embarrassment upon the nation as he has called Japan, one of the closest US allies, “xenophobic” for not taking in migrants, leaving White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre struggling to explain his comments.

Listen to the audio of Biden’s press aide trying to explain his comments below!

Jean-Pierre found herself clarifying comments made by Biden after he labeled Japan as “xenophobic” during a campaign event on Wednesday.

At the event held in Washington, DC, President Biden attributed the economic difficulties of countries such as China, Japan, and Russia to their xenophobic attitudes.

“This election is about freedom, America and democracy. That’s why I badly need you. You know, one of the reasons why our economy is growing is because of you and many others. Why? Because we welcome immigrants,” Biden said.

“We look to — the reason — look, think about it. Why is China stalling so badly economically? Why is Japan having trouble? Why is Russia? Why is India? Because they’re xenophobic. They don’t want immigrants. Immigrants is what makes us strong. Not a joke. That’s not hyperbole. Because we have an influx of workers who want to be here and want to contribute,” he added.

The following day, Jean-Pierre addressed multiple inquiries from journalists seeking clarification on Biden’s contentious remarks, The Daily Caller reports.

During a press briefing, one reporter highlighted the negative connotations of the term “xenophobic,” especially when referring to an ally, and questioned whether this was indeed Biden’s intended message.

Jean-Pierre attempted to explain, stating, “Look, he, I think he was — look, the president was very clear. I think that —” only to be interrupted by the reporter who contended, “He wasn’t very clear. That is why we are asking you.”

“Look. Here is what I am saying. He was talking about who we are as a country. Right? He was talking about the importance about being a country of immigrants, especially as you see the attacks that we have seen very recently in the last couple of years, on those attacks on immigrants in particular. And so it is important for us to remember that we are a country of immigrants,” Jean-Pierre responded.

Despite persistent questioning about the President’s specific comments regarding Japan, Jean-Pierre reiterated that Biden’s statements underscored the strengths of the United States and its identity as a nation of immigrants.

When asked if President Biden intended to apologize to Japan, Jean-Pierre did not confirm whether an apology was forthcoming.

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