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Republicans Erupt Over New Medical Curriculum

A controversy has erupted in Arizona, as the University of Arizona's nursing school's lesson plan slides about discussing gender identity with young patients became...

Biden’s White House Attacks Mainstream Media

The White House is pushing back against the media's intense focus on President Biden's age and his capability to perform his duties, as polls...

Democrats Flip On Biden

A significant portion of House Democrats are urging President Biden to implement executive actions that would aid immigrants and asylum-seekers in acquiring work permits. 103...

Biden Abruptly Ends Press Conference

During a recent press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, proceedings came to an unexpected close when an aide interjected while President Biden was still addressing...

Pelosi’s Shady Reason For Running Again

On Friday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi shared with Politico her primary motivation for seeking office, emphasizing the importance of fundraising both for herself and fellow...

Biden’s Biggest 2024 GOP Threat, It’s Not Trump

In a recent survey, Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, emerged as the only Republican 2024 presidential contender to hold a significant...

Top Trump Ally Found Guilty

Former economic adviser to Trump, Peter Navarro, was declared guilty of contempt of Congress after a jury deliberated for almost five hours on Thursday. He...

Republicans Unveil New Congressional Ban

A GOP congressman is proposing an age restriction for those serving in key political positions, including the presidency, vice presidency, and Congressional roles. John James,...

Democrats ‘Go To War’ With Biden Over THIS

Democrats in New York are expressing concerns over the perceived inability of President Biden and other leading figures of the party to effectively manage...

Trump Reveals Why Biden Can’t Win In 2024

When questioned about President Biden's potential to run again, former President Trump commented on Wednesday, suggesting that Biden's physical and mental capacities might be...

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