Thousands of Dollars Found WHERE?!

( – According to a recent WCMH report, Ohio’s Marysville Police Division (MPD) encountered a puzzling situation in which thousands of dollars were mysteriously stashed in the bathrooms of their small town.

MPD Captain Nate Sachs shared that a stack of over $20,000 was found in the Avalon Theater’s publicly accessible bathroom from April 28 to 29, and over $10,000 were discovered in a restroom at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

An employee later told officers a woman who was at the theater the previous night with her children had exited the bathroom “acting odd,” but it was unclear if she hid the money.

“They were hidden in a way that you would have to know where to look to find them. Wasn’t like you walk in and they were behind a trash can or anything like that. It was hidden,” Sachs told WCHM.

Likewise, according to the outlet, the captain said that employees of both establishments found the money.

“Truly bizarre. Just weird, especially two times in one week in our town,” he told the outlet. “There’s disbelief. It’s disbelief, and honestly, [the businesses are] just curious as to why the money would be there in the first place.”

Meanwhile, investigators are delving into the origins of the cash and who might have left it there.

Sachs mentioned, “We’re looking at the avenues that they’re probably connected. At this point with an open investigation, we have not linked it up yet. But anything’s possible at this point. We’re just looking at everything.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 count, Marysville has 27,157 inhabitants, but the money mystery remains unknown, and citizens are baffled by the peculiar occurrence.

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