Trump Up; Biden Down

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

( – In a brand new national survey by Emerson College Polling, former President Donald Trump has surpassed Biden among potential voters for the upcoming presidential election.

As of the latest findings, Trump leads with 46% against Biden’s 43% which represents a 2% decrease for Biden since the early April Emerson College poll, while Trump’s support has remained stable at 46%.

The survey also pressed undecided voters, comprising 12%, to make a choice, which resulted in Trump’s support increasing to 51% and Biden’s to 48%.

The inclusion of independent candidates in the scenario saw Trump’s support decrease to 44% and Biden’s to 40%.

For instance, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. garnered 8% support, another 8% remained undecided, and Cornel West received 1% support.

In addition, voter priorities like the economy and immigration significantly influence their candidate preference. A substantial majority of 70% believe the cost of living is escalating, with those sharing this view more likely to favor Trump over Biden.

Conversely, those who feel the cost of living is the same or decreasing are predominantly in Biden’s camp.

The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict also impacts voter sentiment, with 44% of voters feeling they are not receiving the full picture regarding the war.

The perception of receiving accurate information about the conflict appears to divide voters’ support between Biden and Trump.

This poll, conducted from April 16 to 17 among 1,308 registered voters, carries a margin of error of 2.6%.

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