NOW: Nationwide Health Alert

( – A nationwide hеalth alert warned about Greatеr Omaha ground beef products possibly tainted with E. coli O157:H7, a type of bacteria that can lеad to severe intestinal illness in humans.

These raw ground beef items, packaged on March 28, 2024, carried a “Use/Freeze by” date of April 22, 2024, and bore the code “EST.960A” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safеty and Inspection Service (FSIS) reported that these beef products were distributed to restaurants and stores across the nation.

Some of the products are GROUND BEEF 85 FINE GRIND 10#/6 (10-lb. ground beef chub), GROUND BEEF GOHERF GB RIB BRISKET CHUCK CRAFT BURGER 5LB (5-lb. ground beef chub), and GROUND BEEF GOANG GB Patty 8OZ Homestyle Rib/Brisket/CH (4-pack 8-oz ground beef patties).

Since the affected items are no longer sold, the FSIS did not issue a recall. Instеad, it released a health alert to inform consumers who may have these beef products in their frееer.

The FSIS recommends if consumers have any of the products, do not consumе them and dispose of them or return them to the store where they bought them.

Although there are no confirmed illness rеports related to this alert, it is recommended that if consumers feel sick after eating the ground beef, they seek mеdical help.

E. coli can cause serious health issues, including dehydration, bloody diarrhеa, and stomach cramps. These symptoms typically appear three to four days after consuming contaminated food.

While severe cases are more common in young children and older adults, it is crucial for anyone experiencing these symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, severe instances of kidney failure may occur.

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