Football Star Gets Justice?

( – Nearly fourteen years after having to give up his Heisman Trophy, Reggie Bush will be reunited with the prestigious prize in a move he and his supporters believe is long overdue justice.

Bush, a former running back for the University of Southern California (USC), had initially won college football’s most revered award in 2005.

He voluntarily returned the trophy in 2010 subsequent to sanctions imposed on USC, following a comprehensive investigation that found he had received impermissible benefits while a student-athlete.

The evolving environment within collegiate sports influenced the decision by the Heisman Trust to restore Bush’s trophy, ESPN reports, cited by The New York Post.

“We considered the enormous changes in college athletics over the last several years in deciding that now is the right time to reinstate the Trophy for Reggie. We are so happy to welcome him back,” stated Michael Comerford, president of The Heisman Trophy Trust.

This decision was made approximately three years after the NCAA allowed student-athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

“Recognizing that the compensation of student athletes is an accepted practice and appears here to stay, these fundamental changes in college athletics led the Trust to decide that now is the right time to return the Trophy to Bush, who unquestionably was the most outstanding college football player of 2005,” the Trust explained.

Now aged 39, Bush expressed his gratitude and honor on Wednesday.

“This reinstatement is not only a personal victory, but also a validation of the tireless efforts of my supporters and advocates who have stood by me throughout this arduous journey,” he said.

In addition to the personal accolade, a replica of the trophy will be presented to USC.

During his award-winning 2005 season, Bush achieved 2,218 yards and scored 18 touchdowns, earning 784 first-place votes—the fifth-most in the history of the Heisman Trophy.

In a 2021 discussion with The Post’s Steve Serby, Bush anticipated a reunion with the trophy.

“Without a doubt,” he affirmed twice when asked about the possibility of reuniting with the Heisman.

Following the scandal involving Bush, USC faced significant penalties including a two-year ban from postseason play and a reduction of 30 scholarships.

The university was also compelled to formally dissociate from Bush for a decade and to vacate 14 victories, among them a 55-19 triumph over Oklahoma in the Bowl Championship Series title game post the 2004 season.

Bush is also anticipated to have his No. 5 jersey restored to its esteemed place in USC’s Heritage Hall, alongside the university’s other seven Heisman trophies.

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