VIDEO: Illegal Cuts Through Border Fence

( – America’s humiliation, in which the greatest power in the world is allowing itself to be invaded by millions of illegal immigrants for no rational reason whatsoever, has seen a new infuriating episode as an illegal alien has been filmed cutting a hole through the border fence.

See the video of the illegal migrant slashing through the border fence below!

A migrant wielding bolt cutters breached a border fence on Sunday, facilitating the entry of numerous individuals through the gap—only to be repelled back to Mexico by the National Guard.

This observation was made by The New York Post, which noted migrants dismantling the fencing and navigating through Texas’s concertina-wire barrier adjacent to a gate in the wall.

The incident, which saw the migrants enter the US illegally, occurred in the vicinity of El Paso, Texas.

Captured footage by The Post revealed National Guard members intercepting the migrants, preventing them from proceeding past Gate 45—a non-authorized port of entry—and directing them back towards Mexican soil.

This episode occurred shortly after another incident a few miles away at Gate 36 along the border—where over 100 individuals aggressively confronted Texas National Guard soldiers last Thursday.

Razor wire and fencing have been deployed near the border by National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety troops as a deterrent against illegal crossings into the US, urging individuals to surrender themselves at official entry points.

During the incursion on Thursday, the migrant group managed to overpower five guards attempting to block their path.

In the aftermath of this incident, Texas officials apprehended Honduran national Junior Evaristo-Benitez, aged 21, on charges of assaulting a public servant, a third-degree felony, as stated in a press release by Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Eliot Torres

Evaristo-Benitez is currently detained in the El Paso County Jail.

The state of Texas is also investigating video evidence of the incident to identify the migrants involved.

Potential charges against them encompass criminal mischief, property damage, assault on soldiers, and inciting a riot.

In addition, authorities seized knives and makeshift weapons from the migrants who charged the border on Thursday, according to a National Guard source speaking to The Post.

The altercation saw at least one migrant attempting to seize a soldier’s firearm. Several troops who responded to Thursday’s event received treatment for minor injuries at a local hospital.

Migrants are still being released from Border Patrol custody, including an individual who flew to Houston on Saturday while under federal surveillance via an ankle monitor.

“I don’t like what they did. I stayed behind. I was there, but behind them. They made the mess,” Luis from Venezuela told The Post on his way to Atlanta.

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