Trump Doctor Arrested, Is This Biden’s Doing?

Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

Texas Representative Ronny Jackson, a member of the Republican party and a former White House physician for Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, reportedly made threatening remarks towards law enforcement before being arrested at the White Deer Rodeo in White Deer, Texas, last month.

On July 29, Jackson was taken into custody during the event which happens annually on the last weekend of July, located approximately 40 miles from Amarillo. Jackson claimed he was approached at the event to aid a 15-year-old girl experiencing a medical situation. Some reports suggest Jackson had consumed alcohol before this, though this has been refuted by his office.

Details from the arrest record, made public by Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry after a freedom of information request, indicate that Jackson made hostile comments about an officer prior to his arrest. The document suggests that Jackson was notably distressed, leading officers to restrain him. The account also notes that Jackson made threats concerning the sheriff’s future election prospects.

The report recounts, “I had to prevent Congressman Jackson from approaching Trooper Young,” as quoted by Chief Deputy Sheriff JC Blackburn. After being taken into custody, Jackson allegedly expressed his identity loudly and mentioned contacting Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

A statement from Jackson’s spokesperson disputed the arrest account, emphasizing that Jackson wasn’t under the influence and had been hindered from providing medical assistance due to the actions of the local authorities. The spokesperson reiterated Jackson’s medical background and commitment to aiding in emergencies.

The congressman faced previous allegations in 2021, with a Department of Defense report suggesting he consumed alcohol on duty and behaved inappropriately during a presidential visit to the Philippines in 2014. Jackson vehemently denied these claims, labeling them as attempts by the Democrats to tarnish his image. He highlighted his service in various capacities, including in the Navy, White House, and Congress, asserting his dedication to his responsibilities.

In relation to national issues, Jackson had criticized the Democrats in the past for their stance on police funding following the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. In 2021, he made comments on a platform once known as Twitter, targeting the Biden administration. However, a budget proposal from Biden’s administration highlighted investments in local police forces, contradicting claims of defunding. The budget detailed plans for community safety through evidence-driven strategies.