Don Jr Visits Prison

( – In a bold move, former First Son Donald Trump Jr. has gone to a prison to pay a visit to former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro, who is currently incarcerated for defying a congressional subpoena.

Navarro is serving a four-month prison sentence. He was found guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress after he refused to cooperate with a subpoena issued by the now-dissolved House January 6 select committee.

In an attempt to avoid incarceration, he sought emergency intervention from the Supreme Court, which was subsequently denied.

“The chief justice noted that a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals panel found that Navarro failed to raise several challenges to the fairness of his conviction when he first sought to remain free pending appeal,” Politico reported, cited by Breitbart News.

“It’s important to show support,” Donald Trump Jr. told ABC News.

He remarked that Navarro is “in ‘good spirits’ and believes he’s been wrongfully convicted.”

In a discussion about his legal struggles and his new publication, The New MAGA Deal, on Breitbart News Saturday in March, Navarro noted that his legal troubles began under a Democrat-controlled Congress led by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“I was indicted and prosecuted by a Democrat Department of Justice. I was stripped of every single defense before I even got to a jury trial by the judge in the case, and at the jury trial, I didn’t notice — it’s an astonishing statistic, Matt — it’s like 95 percent of the voters who voted in the 2020 election in the District of Columbia voted for Biden — 95 percent,” Navarro said.

He expressed that his case has broader constitutional implications, emphasizing the historical importance of executive privilege.

“This is about the constitutional separation of powers and the sanctity of what’s called executive privilege, an institution that goes back to George Washington. … And what’s ironic about this whole thing is the Department of Justice itself across Democrat and Republican administrations for more than 50 years have said that you can’t subpoena the president or his alter egos, that is, his senior White House advisers. You can’t just do it. You can’t do it. [It] violates the separation of powers. So if I go to prison and I lose this on appeal, the separation of powers will be over as we know it, and executive privilege will have died a slow death at the hands of the Biden regime,” the former Trump adviser elaborated.

Asserting his commitment to the Constitution, Navarro declared, “Don’t cry for me, Argentina; fight for Donald Trump right now,” and added, “2024 — we’ve got to win.”

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