This Biden Nominee is Doomed

Joe Biden

( – Confirming that the Biden administration is utterly in favor of the association of radical left-wing groups with their nominees, Senate Democrats warned the White House that a controversial judicial nominee associated with radical left-wing groups does not have enough votes to secure confirmation.

According to a CNN report, Joe Biden picked Adeel Mangi for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals last November. If Mangi gets through, the Senate would mark him as the first Muslim American on a federal appeals bench.

However, Biden’s Democratic allies in the Senate told Biden in private that support for Mangi is thin on the ground, and some Democrats are deflecting.

Senate Republicans have criticized the nominee for his links to groups that push extreme agendas or hold dicey gatherings.

According to a piece by the Washington Free Beacon, Mangi was on the Legal Aid Society’s board, which in June 2020 called for less money for the NYC Police Department.

He was also on a once-a-year advisory panel for Rutgers Law School’s Center for Security, Race, and Rights. This center put on a 20th Anniversary 9/11 event which featured an activist linked to funding the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group.

“As the Anti-Defamation League made clear, the debunked rightwing smear campaign against Mr. Mangi is ‘profoundly wrong,’” White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates told CNN.

Bates continued “[M]r. Mangi was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the White House continues to fight for his confirmation and to repudiate the vicious hate and bigotry with which he has been targeted because of his Muslim faith.”

Bates pointed to the Anti-Defamation League’s words and highlighted the GOP’s probe into Mangi’s role with the Center for Security, Race, and Rights at his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing seemed “to have been motivated by bias towards his religion.”

At the hearing in December, Mangi mentioned he was not aware of the 9/11 event.

When Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) questioned him about condemning the horrors of Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror attacks, Mangi responded, “The events of Oct. 7 were a horror involving the deaths of innocent civilians. No patience, none, for any attempts to justify or defend those events.”

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