Olympian Killer Now Sweeps Floors

(TheIndependentStar.com) – In a remarkable new twist in the fate of Oscar Pistorius, the first double-leg amputee participant in the Olympics who has served prison time for killing his girlfriend, is now confined to residing in his uncle’s luxury mansion and doing janitorial work at a local church in South Africa’s Pretoria.

Pistorius, the Paralympian who became infamous for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in their home in 2013, now resides in his uncle’s home effectively shunned by his previous circle of friends following his release from incarceration last January, The New York Post informs in a report.

After being freed, Pistorius sought to reconnect with the Paralympic community by reaching out to at least two members of the International Paralympic Committee, proposing collaboration in any form. However, his attempts were swiftly dismissed.

“He’s too toxic to work with now. There’s nothing for him here,” a committee member has said.

Pistorius was celebrated nationwide in 2012 as the first double-amputee to compete in the Olympics.

Yet, his reputation was severely tarnished six months later when he fatally shot Steenkamp multiple times through a bathroom door.

Throughout his 2014 trial, he maintained that he had mistaken her for an intruder.

Initially, he was sentenced to five years for culpable homicide by a high court in 2014.

Following an appeal by prosecutors, his sentence was increased to 13 years and five months. He served over half of this sentence before his release in January.

Since his release, Pistorius has secluded himself within his uncle Arnold’s heavily secured estate in Pretoria.

The estate, situated in the affluent Waterkloof suburb, is protected by armed security, electronic safeguards, and is rumored to house several guard dogs.

As part of his parole conditions, Pistorius is not mandated to wear an electronic tracking device.

However, he is periodically visited by a parole officer at unpredictable times and subjected to tests for alcohol and drugs.

Additionally, he is prohibited from any interaction with Steenkamp’s family, participating in social media, conducting interviews, or penning a memoir about his experiences.

The release of Pistorius was contested by Steenkamp’s family, yet following his parole, Reeva’s mother, June Steenkamp, expressed her resignation to the decision on the ITV morning show.

“He had to come out, it’s inevitable. He’s on parole now. It’s not going to make any difference to my life. He’s done what he’s done already and I can’t do anything about that,” she said.

“I’ve lost the most beautiful, wonderful child. And now I’ve been without her for so many years, I miss her every day,” the mother added.

In his parole documentation, Pistorius has documented his voluntary service at NG Kerk Waterkloof, a Dutch Reformed Church his uncle attends.

His responsibilities there include minor maintenance and custodial tasks, and he attends services quietly.

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