Trump: ‘Something Happened That Was Unusual’ (Video)

( – In new comments that the left has immediately twisted out of their true meaning, former President Donald Trump has stated that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is “probably” responsible for the death of top opposition figure Alexei Navalny as “something happened that was unusual” to the latter.

According to mainstream media and Democrat politicians, however, Trump appeared to cast doubt on whether Putin was responsible for Navalny’s killing.

The 47-year-old opposition politician perished last month in a Russian penal colony in the Arctic under mysterious circumstances.

The Hill, which bills itself as a centrist publication, comments in a report that Trump’s stance comes amidst rebuke for his failure to directly implicate Russian President Vladimir Putin in what a significant number of Western leaders consider to be an assassination.

While President Biden and other figures from the Western sphere have attributed Putin with responsibility, Trump has thus far refrained from echoing this sentiment, the report says.

In a discussion about Navalny’s death during an interview on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz” with Howard Kurtz, which was broadcast on Sunday, Trump said he could not be completely sure about Putin’s involvement.

“I don’t know. Perhaps. I mean, possibly, I could say probably. I don’t know,” the presumed GOP presidential nominee stated when asked about Putin’s role in Navalny’s death.

“He’s a young man, so statistically, he’d be alive for a long time. You go by the insurance numbers, he’d be alive for another 40 years. Something happened that was unusual,” Trump added.

He reiterated his comments when pressed by Kurtz on Navalny’s prior attempted assassination by poisoning.

“I don’t know. You certainly can’t say for sure. But certainly that would look like something very bad happened,” Trump stated.

Following Navalny’s death last month, Trump initially reacted by likening the imprisoned opposition leader’s predicament to his own legal challenges, describing a civil lawsuit against him as a “form of Navalny.”

This comparison drew widespread condemnation from both Democrat and Republican circles, with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) denouncing the remarks as “beneath the dignity of a human being.”

“You wonder, what does Putin have on Donald Trump that he always has to be beholden to him, his buddy in vileness? It is so horrible you think, ‘No, somebody must have made this up. Not even Donald Trump could go this far,’” Pelosi said at the time.

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