Mandatory Prayer to Who? Where?

( – Leftist domination of America’s higher education has now officially broken the boundaries of sanity – and it is forcing students to do so – as an obligatory “structural racism” class at the UCLA Medical School is mandating all to say a “non-secular prayer” to a supposed leftist deity called “Mama Earth.”

According to a report by The Washington Free Beacon, guest speaker Lisa Gray-Garcia initiated the March 27 class by guiding students in what she described as a “non-secular prayer” directed towards “the ancestors.”

She directed participants to kneel and touch the ground—referred to as “mama earth”—with their fists.

“From Korea to Palestine-MamaEarth will be free #ComfortWomen justice coalition opposes genocide in #Palestine,” she also stated on X a few days before the class.

In November 2023, she labeled the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel as “justice.”

The invocation to pagan entities was not the sole obligatory element in the “Structural Racism and Health Equity” course, as highlighted by the Free Beacon, cited by The College Fix.

The prayer extended blessings towards “black,” “brown,” and “houseless people” who suffer fatalities due to the “crapatalist lie” of “private property.”

Gray-Garcia told the students in a kneeling position, “Mama earth was never meant to be bought, sold, pimped, or played.”

This introduction led to a prolonged and bewildering lecture that astonished some attendees of the prestigious medical institution, prompting demands for an official inquiry.

Adorned with a keffiyeh covering her entire face, Gray-Garcia, who identifies as a “poverty scholar,” orchestrated chants of “Free, Free Palestine” while faculty and staff observed in silence, based on accounts from individuals present during the class and real-time text messages examined by the Free Beacon.

Later, Gray-Garcia denounced modern medicine as “white science” and criticized the “occupation” of “Turtle Island”—referring to the United States—before requesting students to stand for another prayer, which nearly all complied with, the Free Beacon reported.

An anonymous UCLA administrator attempted to identify a student who remained seated during this segment, “implying that discipline could be on the table,” according to the Free Beacon.

“The net effect was that UCLA staff intimidated first-year medical students into participating in a religious service in derogation of their own personal beliefs,” stated the university’s Jewish Faculty Resilience Group in a letter addressed to Chancellor Gene Block on Friday, March 29.

The course has also been the subject of scrutiny for a proposed activity to segregate students by race into discussion groups, a plan that was abandoned following coverage by the Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, the curriculum includes discussions on “settler colonialism,” as previously reported by The Daily Wire.

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