Illegals Taking Over American Jobs

Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York recently intensified her calls to President Biden, urging swift action to grant work permits to over 100,000 migrants that have arrived in New York City in the past 12 months.

In a letter addressed to President Biden on Thursday and a subsequent 10-minute speech from Albany, Hochul expressed a greater urgency than her previous, more discreet interactions with the administration. She emphasized the critical nature of the situation, stating that New York has been dealing with this challenge for an extended period and that the onus is on the federal government to find a solution.

She voiced her perspective clearly: “New York has been bearing this issue for an extended time, with no federal solution in sight. This is a problem that began at the federal level, and it must be addressed there.”

She expressed her stance on the matter, stating, “The solution to both the humanitarian and workforce crises is evident and straightforward. Grant them the work permits and allow them to work legally.”

She highlighted that New York currently has around 460,000 job vacancies, sufficient to accommodate the employment needs of the migrants.

Governor Hochul’s intent is clear: she wants these migrants to transition from shelters to jobs as they await the verdict on their asylum applications. “There’s an abundance of available positions waiting for applicants,” she remarked.

Beyond the swift issuance of work permits, Hochul’s letter to the White House also requested significant financial support. She called for federal locations in New York City and its surrounding areas to be transformed into temporary accommodations and asked the federal government to cover the costs of engaging the National Guard.

The governor mentioned that New York spends over $22 million monthly to support approximately 1,950 National Guard personnel.

Hochul concluded in her detailed letter, emphasizing the consistent and high influx of asylum seekers and migrants, “Managing and securing the country’s borders is a federal duty. New York shouldn’t have to bear the financial brunt of this. New York residents shouldn’t be expected to foot the bill for what is undeniably a federal obligation. I urge the federal government to act decisively today to fulfill its commitment to the state of New York.”