WATCH: Congressman’s Unhinged Border Rant

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

A Texas Democratic representative has voiced his concerns regarding the floating barriers deployed at the Texas-Mexico border.

Representative Joaquin Castro, from San Antonio, visited Eagle Pass, Texas, pointing out a segment of the barrier that he believes contains saw-like structures between the buoys.

“The authorities claim these aren’t harmful. But if you examine closely, there’s this chainsaw-like feature amid these buoys,” Castro commented in an online video.

The federal Justice Department has taken legal action against Texas with hopes of removing these barriers.

“This is both hazardous and cruel. That’s why I’ve termed it as savage,” stated Castro.

Governor Greg Abbott’s team fired back, alleging that Democrats, the U.S. administration, and Mexico are circulating misleading narratives about the barriers.

“Claims by President Lopez Obrador and some Democrats that these maritime barriers have been the cause of fatalities are entirely incorrect. Why wasn’t there a similar outcry when, due to President Biden’s lenient border measures, migrants were motivated to undertake risky illegal journeys across the border, resulting in over 850 deaths last year? These barriers are designed to discourage unlawful river crossings, guiding migrants towards the 29 official bridges between Texas and Mexico where they can cross legally and safely. Bridges are a safe crossing point.

As Border Patrol numbers decline under President Biden, various state Governors are heeding Governor Abbott’s plea for assistance to reinforce Texas National Guard and DPS officers operating under Operation Lone Star. Given this administration’s perceived inaction, Texas is maximizing every available resource to safeguard its border, investing over $9 billion from state funds, transporting migrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities, placing strategic barriers, and constructing our own border protection. Texas will maintain its proactive approach until the federal administration takes more decisive steps.”

The marine barrier is a three-football-field-long floating structure anchored to the river bottom.

The barrier’s intent in the Rio Grande is to guide migrants towards locations where they can either be intercepted by officials or reach an international bridge.

Mike Banks, an advisor to Governor Abbott on border matters, countered Castro’s statements, asserting that due to lax border controls under President Biden, over 850,000 migrants lost their lives the previous year during illicit crossings.

Banks further revealed that this year, the death toll stands at 570,000, but emphasized that none were due to the maritime barriers.