Jay Leno’s Latest Tragedy

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Facing one of the most difficult challenges of his life and one that impacts many Americans, Jay Leno has had to be appointed conservator of his wife Mavis Leno’s estate due to her battle with dementia.

According to court documents obtained by USA TODAY, the decision was made during a hearing early this week.

“The court finds from clear and convincing evidence that a conservatorship of the estate is necessary and appropriate in that (Mavis Leno) is unable to care for her financial affairs and is subject to undue influence,” the minute order read.

The file read, “The conservatorship is the least restrictive alternative needed for the protection of (Mavis).”

Mavis agreed to the ruling and did not object to the conservatorship while Judge Brenda J. Penny expressed understanding of the difficult situation during the hearing.

Moreover, Leno mentioned that he was involved in estate planning and reviewing Mavis’ will.

Back in January, Leno filed a petition to become the conservator of Mavis’s estate. This action aimed to ensure that her estate plan was correctly executed due to her current lack of capacity. Leno did not seek conservatorship over his wife’s person.

77-year-old Mavis’ physician stated that she “suffers from dementia, major neurocognitive disorder,” while Leno aims to manage half of their shared property and assets in a trust.

Additional information about Mavis’ condition was provided by her court-appointed attorney, Ronald E. Ostrin, in court documents filed in March. Ostrin highlighted her advanced dementia, occasional disorientation, and memory lapses.

Furthermore, Ostrin recommended approving Leno’s conservatorship petition and emphasizing Leno’s love and care for his wife as well as the necessity of his actions for their protection.

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