Democrats Try To Change Key Rule To Win 2024 Elections

United States Congress, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are strategizing to win three to five seats in New York, potentially making Rep. Hakeem Jeffries the House Speaker. Jeffries, with his strong connections in the New York state Senate and Assembly, is expected to significantly influence the redrawing of the state’s congressional map.

If Jeffries becomes the Speaker and Sen. Chuck Schumer retains his Senate majority leader position, it would put two New York Democrats in control of Congress. Democrats are notably interested in several seats, including Rep. George Santos’s district, with a goal to add more Democratic voters to ensure a shift in control.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has announced plans to target five first-term New York Republicans. Winning six seats would flip control of the House to Democrats.

Amidst concerns about voter fatigue due to the ongoing redistricting process, former Rep. Tom Downey believes Democrats can gain four to five seats in New York. The creation of a Democrat-friendly map lies with the New York Independent Redistricting Commission, but if it fails to agree on a map, the task could fall to the Democratic-controlled state legislature, with Jeffries playing a significant role.

Jeffries has called for a “fair map” while maintaining neutrality in the redistricting debate. The ongoing legal battle over the necessity to redraw the state’s congressional map could potentially impact the redistricting process.