Woman Throws Someone In Front Of Moving Train

Woman Throws Someone In Front Of Moving Train

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The New York subway network is a busy place and injuries are not uncommon. These injuries don’t usually arise from intentional acts, but that is exactly what happened on October 4 at the Times Square Station.

Anthonia Egegbara pushed a 49-year-old woman who was waiting to board the train onto the tracks as the cars approached. While the victim did not hit the tracks, she did bounce off the train before falling back onto the platform. She went to the hospital with serious facial and leg injuries but is in stable condition.

In the chaos, Egegbara was able to escape, leaving the New York Police Department (NYPD) searching for her. They were able to bring her into custody by the following morning. The woman now faces attempted murder charges for her actions.

Unfortunately for Egegbara, the whole incident was captured on video. The two women had no interaction before the assailant attacked. Egegbara was sitting on a bench and got up to push the woman just as the train started coming towards the platform.

The Acting Chief Communications Officer for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Tim Minton, said the situation brings to light a need for improved mental health services in the city. Passengers United president, Charlton D’Souza, called for increased numbers of security staff in the subway system, asking for state troopers and national guardsmen to help the understaffed NYPD.

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