Woman Receives 100-Year-Old Postcard in Mailbox

Woman Receives 100-Year-Old Postcard in Mailbox

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Mail delays are nothing new or surprising. Everyone has had something arrive a little late, but there’s a recent story about a postcard that may make you question everything you know about lost mail.

Brittany Keech opened the mailbox at her Belding, Michigan, home on September 8 to find an old postcard. There was a vintage Halloween print on the front and faded cursive writing on the back. The postmark read October 29, 1920.

The postal system seemingly lost this piece of mail for almost 101 years.

The missive should have come to Mrs. Roy McQueen. It was a friendly greeting from a cousin, Flossie Burgess. Burgess shared news about cold weather and her mother’s bad knees. She closed the message with a request to hear back, as well as a question about Mrs. McQueen’s husband’s pants that apparently were in need of repair.

Keech posted about the letter on Facebook in a local group, hoping to find family members of the sender or intended recipient. She garnered a lot of interest from other members of the group, including a librarian, Robby Peters, who began doing some research into the McQueen family.

Peters found the McQueens in a 1920 census report, but the couple had no children. Flossie did not marry and had no children either. However, another local called Sheryl Ackerman managed to find the great-niece of the McQueens, who will meet with Keech to get the postcard.

The only mystery remaining now is how on earth this piece of mail ended up taking over 100 years to get to its destination.

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