Whopping 60% of Americans Blame Biden for Out of Control Inflation

Whopping 60% of Americans Blame Biden for Out of Control Inflation

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The US is currently experiencing alarming increases in the inflation rate. The economy took a huge hit from the COVID-19 pandemic and has yet to rebound, which is causing a lot of concern for voters.

A Morning Consult-Politico poll released on July 28, 2021, showed 59% of the registered voters responding felt President Joe Biden’s economic policies have caused the current inflation issues.

Republicans were more likely to feel this way than Democrats. Of the GOP respondents, 82% held the president responsible. This echoes the results of a National Republican Congressional Committee poll from July 22 that showed 60% of the respondents do not approve of how Biden is currently controlling economic issues.

Democrat voters more often held the return to pre-pandemic life as the cause, which is the official stance the Biden administration has been taking when questioned about the economy.

The White House also contends this is a temporary situation. However, the Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, said there is still “ground to cover” to reach full economic recovery.

Regardless of the reason for the current economic situation in the US, someone needs to find a way to fix it in order to relieve the strain it is placing on working people.

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