White House Claims Catch-And-Release Program Is “Alternative To Detention”

White House Claims Catch-And-Release Program Is

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The border crisis heated up when a massive number of immigrants, mostly from Haiti, crossed into Texas and made a temporary home under a bridge in Del Rio. This created various health and safety issues, prompting many to call it a humanitarian crisis.

The issue was on the forefront of everyone’s minds as reporters began to question White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki at a briefing on September 22. She was quick to defend the release of many immigrants from custody despite their undocumented status.

In response to a question about the reason why agents are not placing immigrants on flights out of the country and instead are releasing them, Psaki said those not expelled under Title 42 go to an “alternative to detention” or ICE facility.

The alternative option is exactly the same as catch and release, an Obama-era policy. This process requires undocumented people to willingly show up to an immigration hearing. While agents do gather information from the individuals, there is no way to guarantee they will show up in court when the time comes.

Psaki also claimed there are not enough outgoing flights to take everyone.

The reporter asked if this policy would only encourage more Haitian immigrants to come to the US, but Psaki did not address that portion of the question.

Obama’s catch and release policies ended under former President Donald Trump, who implemented a system whereby immigrants had to remain in Mexico until an American court could hear their case. However, upon taking office, President Joe Biden ended that plan, and it now seems his administration is reverting back to the old ways.

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