White Couple Used Black Children As Slaves?!

(TheIndependentStar.com) – A wealthy couple in West Virginia, who are white, stand accused of subjecting their adopted black children to conditions resembling slavery, forcing them to work and confining them in a locked barn.

Donald Ray Lantz, 63, and Jeanne Kay Whitefeather, 62, of Charleston, West Virginia, entered not guilty pleas on Tuesday to several new charges after the children were discovered in a decrepit shed, allegedly having worked on the nearby farmland, The Daily Mail reports.

The presiding judge stated that the couple targeted their five children—ages 16, 14, 11, nine, and six—because of their race, noting they were “used basically as slaves.”

The initial arrest report from October revealed that the children aged 16 and 14 were confined in a grimy 20×14 shed lacking basic necessities such as lighting, food, or running water, monitored by a camera positioned in the top left corner of the room.

The children, who exhibited signs of poor hygiene and wore filthy clothing, were found during a wellness check on an outbuilding on Cheyenne Lane that could not be opened from the inside.

This shed was located on the couple’s five-acre, three-bedroom property in Sissonville, valued at $295,000.

They also owned and subsequently sold an 80-acre property in Tonasket, Washington, valued at $725,000, following their arrest.

Whitefeather claimed the barn where the two oldest children were found served as a “teenage clubhouse,” and denied that they were detained against their will.

She asserted that the homeschooled children actually “liked” the shed in which they were confined.

Contrary to her claims, the teenage girl reported to deputies that they had been locked in the building for about 12 hours and had last been fed at 6 am.

The facility was equipped only with a small RV porta-potty and lacked running water, as confirmed by photographic evidence and descriptions in the initial police report.

The children also stated they were compelled to sleep on the hard concrete floor. The criminal complaint highlighted the peril of their situation: “If there was a medical emergency or fire, the children would be unable to exit the locked room to safety.”

Additional documents indicate that neighbors observed the children engaged in farm labor and noted they were not permitted inside the main house.

It was also reported that the teenage boy found in the outbuilding had “open sores on his bare feet.”

Child Protective Services intervened at that time, taking custody of the children.

The couple now faces charges including human trafficking of a minor child, use of a minor in forced labor, and child neglect creating substantial risk of serious bodily injury or death.

Their bond has been increased to $500,000 each, a significant rise from their original bonds.

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