Warnings Issued; Records Broken

(TheIndependentStar.com) – New warnings have been issued for a severe heat wave that will impact the Western United States and is anticipated to extend its reach to other regions in the coming week, with meteorologists predicting more temperature records.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), “dozens of daily record temperatures” are forecast to either meet or surpass existing records this week, with temperatures in the West projected to escalate to between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The anticipated temperatures are expected to be 15-30 degrees above the usual range for many locations, the NWS outlined, cited by The Hill.

High-level excessive heat warnings, representing the most critical alert issued by the NWS, will be activated across extensive areas of the West and Pacific Northwest.

These warnings are expected to affect approximately 36 million residents, as noted by meteorologist Bryan Jackson in an interview with The Associated Press.

“The multi-day nature of the heat and record warm overnight temperatures will cause heat stress to build in people without adequate cooling and hydration,” the NWS indicated in a bulletin released on Sunday.

Recent temperature readings have already set new records in various Western cities. In Redding, California, temperatures soared to 119 degrees, establishing a new high.

Similarly, Phoenix experienced a night where the temperature did not drop below 92 degrees, setting a new benchmark for the warmest minimum temperature.

On Sunday, Las Vegas also recorded a new high of 118 degrees. A heat advisory will continue to be in place for Las Vegas until late Thursday evening.

Excessive heat warnings are currently active in parts of Arizona, including the Tucson metropolitan area, where temperatures are anticipated to vary from 107 to 112 degrees.

In Portland, Oregon, an excessive heat warning is also in effect, warning of “dangerously hot conditions” with temperatures possibly reaching up to 105 degrees.

San Diego is under an excessive heat warning, with temperatures likely ranging from 112 to 119 degrees. This warning is set to last until Thursday night.

Los Angeles is subjected to the same advisory, with forecasted highs between 106 and 116 degrees until Thursday.

In Boise, Idaho, the severe warning will remain until Thursday night, transitioning to a “watch” from Thursday night through Sunday evening.

Peak temperatures there are expected to hit between 105 and 110 degrees.

The NWS advises the public to consume plenty of fluids, avoid sun exposure, check on relatives and neighbors, and refrain from mountainous hikes. Authorities are also cautioning against the risks associated with heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

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