‘Wake-Up Call For The Country’ (Video)

(TheIndependentStar.com) – In a new high-profile Republican warning that the situation with Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities is a “wake-up call for the country,” US Senator Lindsey Graham has issued a caution concerning the potential perceptions of US allies and enemies towards the president.

See a video of Graham’s remarks in the tweet below!

Graham (R-SC) spoke on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” suggesting that Biden might be viewed as “compromised” as NATO alliance leaders prepare for a meeting in Washington, slated for July 9-11, 2024.

During his appearance, Graham spoke about the internal discord within the Democratic Party following President Biden’s disappointing debate performance on June 27, 2024, The Daily Caller reports.

Robert Costa, CBS News chief election and campaign correspondent, initiated the conversation by inquiring about the perspectives of Graham’s colleagues on this turmoil and their views on former President Donald Trump.

Graham expressed concerns primarily about national security implications tied to discussions about Biden’s health.

“Well, I think most of us are concerned of the national security implications of this debate about President Biden’s health. Bernie Sanders’s problem with Biden is he’s not liberal enough. 70 percent of the public believes that President Biden’s not mentally and physically capable of being president,” the senator stated.

Looking ahead, Graham highlighted a NATO meeting in Washington and referenced significant upcoming events.

“We’re having a meeting with NATO in Washington next week. On October the 7th, Israel’s attacked by Hamas. On October the 8th, President Biden gives an interview to the special counsel where they determined him to be a nice man with a bad memory and you couldn’t convince a jury he did anything wrong. I want those tapes released, so what I’d like to see is President Biden take a cognitive test. I think everybody going forward in the line of succession should have a neurological exam on a regular basis—” he explained.

Interrupted by Costa with a query about former President Trump undergoing a similar examination, Graham affirmed, “Yes. I think both, all nominees for president going in the future should have neurological exams as part of [an] overall physical exam. I think people in the line of succession should have a neurological exam. My predecessor, Senator Thurman, was a very vigorous man, but he was 100. He was the [president pro tempore] of the Senate. This is a wake-up call for the country. We need to make sure that the people who are going to be in the line of succession are capable of being commander in chief under dire circumstances.”

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