Voting ‘Irregularities’ Spotted

( – In a new revelation that could fuel voter fraud fears months before the 2024 election, voters in Nevada have discovered mistakes in their voter history on a government website, with the secretary of state’s office reacting by stating it has taken measures to fix the issues.

The state of Nevada was alerted by numerous voters on Sunday regarding anomalies and potential technical glitches affecting the voting history of Nevadans who had abstained from participating in the February 6 presidential primary.

According to the secretary of state’s statement, staff specializing in elections and information technology began working with county clerks and registrars on Monday morning to address these concerns.

The investigation by the secretary of state’s office claimed that the root of the problem lay in the failure of some counties to correctly execute the necessary steps for uploading their voter registration data, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Typically, counties have to upload their voter registration data nightly to the secretary of state’s database.

This database then runs specific code to generate the statewide voter registration file, which Nevadans can access via, as explained by the secretary of state’s office.

However, the protocols employed by certain counties necessitated additional measures to guarantee that individuals who did not submit their ballot would not have a voting history recorded.

The omission of these steps led to the presentation of inaccurate data on the website, according to the official explanation.

“Our office has been validating new files from each county and moving them into production as soon as the accuracy of the data is verified,” said the secretary of state’s office.

It was assured that all voter data would be corrected within 48 hours, with a promise of a detailed report to follow.

“Again, this is an error that relates to the code used for when a voter is sent a mail ballot and does not return it; it has no connection in any way to vote tabulation,” the government office said.

Additionally, implementing the Voter Registration and Election Management System (VREMS) by the Secretary of State’s office, scheduled to go live before the June 2024 election, aims to eliminate the reliance on these antiquated processes.