Voters Sound Off On Biden

The White House, CC BY 3.0 US , via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s what some voters had to say…

A Fox News report reveals how voters in Boston, Massachusetts, grade President Joe Biden’s performance.

Taking to Harvard Square, the Fox News crew questioned voters about their opinion on Biden’s performance.

Charles, a Harvard student, said he believed that Biden did things that “contributed to the inflation that had led to a lot of problems today,” ultimately giving Biden a D grade and calling Biden’s exit from Afghanistan “somewhat bothersome.”

Nick, another respondent, indicated his belief that “A lot of presidential ratings are probably relative to the previous guy. It’s still early, I think. Give him time,” adding that he’d give Biden an A.

Cassandra, a Massachusetts woman, gave Biden a C, saying she didn’t think Biden’s “done a whole lot” but emphasized that “it’s a really tough job.”

She also gave him the benefit of the doubt, stating Biden’s “probably doing his best,” noting that she is “more proud of [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren.”

Isaiah pointed to Roe v. Wade being potentially overturned during Biden’s term for his D grade.

“There’s decisions he’s making that I personally disagree with,” Isaiah said, “The fact that Roe v. Wade is being overturned potentially during his run is kind of disheartening,” noting that Biden could do more to prevent the overturning of Roe.