( – After a judge ruled that over 1,400 votes in a 2022 district court race were invalid and caused the results to be thrown out, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called out voter fraud in his state.

“Voter fraud is real. Especially in Houston,” the governor posted on X. “The court has found that 1,430 illegal votes were cast in the race for the 180th District Court.”

A local paper reported that Judge David Peeples ordered Harris County to hold another election for the 180th District Court judge in May after it was found that 1,430 illegal votes were cast in the race.

The ruling came after Republican candidate Tami Pierce filed a legal challenge against the results. Pierce narrowly lost to Judge DaSean Jones (D), who won by only 449 votes.

According to Judge Peeples, an investigation found that 983 votes were invalid because they were from people who lived outside Harris County or had other residency-related issues.

Another 445 were invalid because voters did not show a valid ID and 48 mail-in ballots lacked required signatures or were delivered after the deadline.

“The Judge hearing the case ordered a redo of the election. We must end voter fraud,” Abbott concluded his post.

Pierce’s lawyer, Paul Simpson, celebrated the judge’s ruling as a win for election integrity.

“We are gratified by the court’s judgment that Tami Pierce deserves a new election,” Simpson said in a statement.

“Voluminous, detailed evidence compiled by witness Steve Carlin and dozens of other volunteers revealed many problems with Harris County’s troubled November 2022 election,” he added.

Moreover, Harris County Republican Party Chair Cindy Siegel also boasted of the victory in a news release:

“Judge Peeples’s decision to order a new election confirms what the Harris County GOP has been saying since 2022 — The previous election administrations’ handling of our elections was beyond negligent, resulting in voters’ confidence in our elections being damaged.”

In addition, Oliver Brown, Jones’ lawyer, said they would work to appeal the ruling, claiming that “it will be overturned because Pierce did not meet the legal standard” in a statement that the Tribune obtained.

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