VIDEO: Turley Slams Biden, SCOTUS

( – In a powerful critique of President Joe Biden, outspoken law expert Jonathan Turley has blasted the Biden administration for making “a mockery of the First Amendment,” as he fumed in its new decision in a social media censorship case, the US Supreme Court had failed to put an end to that.

See the video of Turley’s criticism for Biden and the Supreme Court in the tweet below!

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley appeared on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” where he provided an analysis of a legal decision during an interview with anchor Dana Perino.

“You call yourself a free speech absolutist,” Perino began, questioning Turley, “What does this mean?”

“Well, it’s very frustrating for the free speech community because standing is often used to block meritorious claims,” Turley responded, cited by The Daily Wire.

“This is one of the most fundamental issues that we are facing. I wrote about this issue, this case, in my recent book,” Turley continued.

“You have one of the largest censorship systems in our history — if not the largest — it’s been called Orwellian by lower court judges. And what the court is saying is that ‘we won’t hear you on this issue because you’re not the right litigant,’” he elaborated.

Turley further expressed his dissatisfaction with such judicial decisions, criticizing their effect of preventing courts from addressing significant constitutional debates.

“This issue will have to wait for another day. One of the things that many of us have been arguing — for years — is that the government is engaging in censorship by surrogate. I testified about this in Congress — that they have made a mockery of the limits of the First Amendment by doing indirectly what they’re barred from doing directly,” the law expert concluded.

In a separate but related legal challenge, two Republican state officials and five conservative social media users filed a lawsuit in Murthy v. Missouri.

They alleged that the White House’s influence over social media companies to eliminate content classified by the Biden administration as “misinformation” constitutes indirect censorship.

Additionally, The Daily Wire has initiated a lawsuit against the Biden administration, accusing the U.S. State Department of collaborating with and advancing censorship technology that targets domestic media companies with unpopular political views, aiming to financially undermine them.

A federal judge recently denied the State Department’s motion to dismiss this lawsuit.

The Daily Wire informs that it is allied in this legal action with The Federalist and the state of Texas.

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