VIDEO: Schumer Slams ‘Propaganda’ About Biden’s Brain

( – In hardly convincing remarks reeking of Democrat desperation, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has tried to come to the defense of President Joe Biden by attacking what he said was “propaganda” about the latter’s seemingly increasingly senile brain.

See the video of Schumer’s remarks about Biden below!

Schumer (D-NY) addressed the media on Tuesday, stating that President Biden’s cognitive abilities remain sharp – and as good as they were 30 years ago, The Hill reports.

Schumer’s defense of the president comes amid discussions triggered by last week’s report by US Special Counsel Robert Hur on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.

In his 400-page report, Hur explained he wouldn’t recommend charges against the 81-year-old president because of the latter’s very advanced age and apparent memory issues.

“I talk to President Biden regularly. Usually several times in a week. His mental acuity is great, it’s fine, it’s as good as it’s been over the years,” Schumer told reporters.

“I’ve been speaking to him for 30 years since we worked on the Brady Bill, the assault weapons ban when I was a young congressman,” the top Senate Democrat declared.

Addressing the narrative about Biden’s mental fitness, Schumer unequivocally dismissed it as misinformation.

“He’s fine. All this right-wing propaganda that his mental acuity has declined is wrong,” he affirmed.

The topic of Biden’s age and memory has not been openly debated among Democratic senators during their meetings, The Hill notes.

However, a growing number of Americans seem to worry. Their concerns have been evidenced by survey results indicating a public perception of Biden’s unsuitability for the presidency due to his age.

Thus, an NBC News poll highlighted that three-quarters of respondents, including half of the Democratic voters, expressed reservations about Biden’s mental and physical wellness.

Schumer confidently brushed aside these polls, advocating for Biden’s strong candidacy for reelection.

He stated his belief in Biden’s victory, attributing it to Biden’s commendable tenure, the improving economic landscape, and widespread apprehension about a potential Trump presidency.

“He’s going to win the election because he has a great record, because more and more Americans are seeing that record, because the economy is improving and because a large number of Americans — including Republicans — fear a Donald Trump presidency,” Schumer asserted.