VIDEO: Mid-Air Emergency; 40 Injured

( – In yet another horrifying incident involving mid-air turbulence, at least 40 people have been injured, including a man who got stuck in the overhead compartment, on a trans-Atlantic flight from Europe to South America.

See the video of the turbulence incident in the tweet below!

Passengers on Flight UX045 from Spain to Uruguay experienced severe turbulence, as shown in dramatic videos captured and shared by those on board, BNO News reports.

One such video, uploaded to the platform X by a passenger, displays a man precariously lodged in the overhead luggage compartment, his feet visibly protruding.

This individual was reportedly thrown into this position by the force of the turbulence.

Surrounding passengers congregated to assist him, amidst the audible distress of a crying infant in the backdrop.

Additional footage provided by passengers reveals further destruction within the aircraft, including ceiling panels dislodged by the turbulence, oxygen masks hanging loosely, and a seat visibly damaged, The New York Post reports.

Air Europa, the airline operating the flight, confirmed that the aircraft, which was en route to Montevideo with 325 passengers, encountered turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean.

This incident necessitated an unscheduled landing in Natal, Brazil, located in the northeastern region of the country.

Air Europa issued a statement, asserting, “The plane has landed normally and the injuries of varying degrees that were recorded are already being treated.”

A passenger, Norys, recounted his experience to the Uruguayan news outlet El Observador.

He was returning from a European tour and described the initial moments when the captain alerted the passengers of impending turbulence, advising everyone to stay seated and secure their seatbelts.

“A long time after that, there was a very, very slight turbulence, it was barely felt, and from one moment to the next the plane abruptly fell and we all went up. Those who did not have seatbelts flew and some remained hooked to the roof,” Norys recalled.

Another passenger, named Juan, shared his terrifying ordeal with El Observador, likening the experience to a scene from a “horror movie” and describing it as a brush with death.

“The sensation was one of terror, feeling that you are falling and that it does not end,” Juan stated.

“And you are aware that you are falling at an incalculable speed. And you felt that it ended there, that you died,” he added.

In the aftermath, Uruguay’s Foreign Ministry reported that those injured were receiving medical treatment at the Monsenhor Walfredo Gurgel Hospital in Natal.

Arrangements were also being made to transport them back to Montevideo.

Air Europa announced that a replacement aircraft would depart from Madrid on the following Monday to transport any passengers who chose not to return by bus.

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