VIDEO: Heroic Firefighter Saves Girl

( – Giving him credit for his brave act, eyewitnesses labeled a firefighter as a “hero” as he saved a Massachusetts three-year-old girl from the top floor of a burning building.

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According to a local media outlet, the fire broke out in an Everett apartment. It was first noticed by two public works employees, Jason Papa and Jesse Whinocour, who were driving by and saw the smoke.

Papa and Whinocour quickly ran into the building at the corner of Hancock and Tappan Streets around 8:00 a.m. to alert the residents inside.

“We were driving down the street and we saw the smoke. I told him to stop the truck. We ran in and started kicking doors and knocking on doors. We ran inside the apartments to make sure nobody was in there,” Whinocour told the local station.

The two estimated that about 20 people were inside the building as they started evacuating it. However, they could not reach a unit on the third floor.

“There was too much flames, too black from the smoke. I couldn’t save her,” Whinocour said.

As firefighters from Malden, Chelsea, and Everett arrived at the scene, Papa mentioned that one firefighter entered the burning apartment despite the intense heat to see if anyone was inside.

“He ran in after we came out. We said, ‘There might be somebody up there. We can’t see anymore,’” he recounted. “We guided him up, he went up, came out a couple minutes later, and she was lifeless. He ran down the street with her.”

Moreover, Everett Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Hickey said both the girl and the firefighter were treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Even though the cause of the fire is still being investigated, Hickey believes it started on the third floor.

“He went up there and saved her,” Whinocour alleged. “He’s a hero…Thank God for that firefighter. She’s alive because of him.”

Additionally, a WCVB reporter noted that was unclear how or why the little girl was left alone in the upstairs apartment.

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