Van Jones Claims New GOP Win Is “Delta Variant” of Trump

Van Jones Claims New GOP Win Is

( – The November 2 victory of Republican Glenn Youngkin over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial race was a massive blow to the Left. The tight race came down to the wire, and commentary from corporate media outlets contained a lot of speculation about how the GOP managed to come out victorious. Van Jones from CNN even compared the governor-elect with the COVID-19 virus when expressing his concern over the impending win.

Jones Brings Harsh Criticism

On election night, the CNN political commentator was discussing the Youngkin/McAuliffe race with Anderson Cooper. He called the Republican “the Delta variant of Trumpism.” When Cooper asked if he meant Youngkin was more of a threat than Trump, Jones replied that he meant Youngkin spread more easily.

The Yale Law School graduate went on to explain that he thinks Trump and the new governor are cut from the same cloth, but that Youngkin finds a way to penetrate the population and secure votes more easily.

He targeted the GOP winner for representing the Make America Great Again platform under the guise of a fake friendly face. The commentator said Youngkin used the divisive idea of critical race theory to make parents think he will work for them, and he accused the governor-elect of being anti-black.

Jones stated that this new strategy serves to flirt with Trump’s agenda without committing to it entirely. He warned that it’s worth noting if it leads to a win (which it did in Youngkin’s case).

A Damaging Viewpoint

Jones’ comparison between the Republican candidate and the COVID-19 variant is disturbing. The pandemic continues to ravage the country in countless ways. Many families suffered the loss of loved ones and others continue to go through battles with the virus. It is no laughing matter. To compare something so devastating to a political candidate seems like an overreaction.

But Jones is not new to overblown outrage. In 2016, he claimed former President Donald Trump only won due to white people coming out to vote in protest against Obama’s presidency. He said white people were afraid of the change happening and essentially needed to put a white person back in the Oval Office.

A Real Viewpoint

In reality, Youngkin’s win in Virginia is likely due to the bad performance of President Joe Biden. In addition, it is not uncommon for the party out of power to win more offices in midterm elections. Of course, Youngkin is the first member of the GOP to win the Virginia governor’s office since 2009, so he does deserve credit for running a great campaign.

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