University Dean Gunned Down

( – Honoree Fleming, the spouse of renowned author Ron Powers and a retired dean and professor, was discovered shot dead on a trail near the Castleton Campus of Vermont State University.

According to police, an autopsy disclosed that Fleming, aged 77, had succumbed to a headshot wound.

In response to this news, Castleton University released a statement via Facebook, informing the community that all classes scheduled for the day and other planned events, including an open house, would be canceled. The university post also mentioned the resumption of regular classes the next day.

Despite authorities’ efforts, the review of security footage from the vicinity of the trail has not yielded significant progress thus far. “We’re still canvassing the area … It is early hunting season. There’s hunters who may have game cameras in the woods,” remarked Major Dan Trudeau of the state police criminal division during a news conference held on Friday afternoon.

Police did identify a possible suspect seen walking towards the campus shortly after the sound of gunshots. A witness described the suspect as a white male with dark hair, dressed in a dark gray T-shirt and carrying a black backpack. Law enforcement cautioned that the suspect is to be regarded as armed and dangerous, urging anyone with information or sightings to come forward.

Honoree Fleming had deep ties to the Castleton community and was highly regarded by faculty, staff, and students, as highlighted in the university’s Facebook post. Many students benefited from Dr. Fleming’s insightful teachings and research contributions.

Fleming was married to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Powers, best known for his co-authorship of “Flags of Our Fathers,” a book chronicling the men who raised the U.S. flag at the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945, as noted by the AP. Her passing occurred just days before the couple’s 45th wedding anniversary.

In a poignant online tribute, Ron Powers expressed his profound grief, stating, “Those of you who knew her know that she was beautifully named. I have never known a more sterling heart and soul than hers. She has taken far more than half my own heart and soul with her,” as reported by the AP.