U.S. Pentagon Orders China to Be Targeted in Possibly Reckless Move

U.S. Pentagon Orders China to Be Targeted in Possibly Reckless Move

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Relations between the US and China are precarious. The two countries often have trade disputes, and the US recently upset China with its support of Taiwan as an independent nation. There is also the issue of the coronavirus pandemic, which is now thought to have been the result of a Chinese lab leak possibly.

With so many challenges in this relationship, the US has had to take a proactive stance. The Defense Department’s China Task Force, created in February 2021 by President Joe Biden, conducted an assessment of programs, processes, and policies within the department related to China and released recommendations in April.

On June 9, 2021, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced a directive to help American armed forces better compete with China.

He gave few operational details, as these are considered classified information. But, he did say that the new directive represents a change of focus to help department leaders when addressing challenges related to China. The directives will improve our ability to strengthen ally and partner networks, increase deterrence efforts, and aid development work on operations and military modernization.

The new strategy will involve working more closely with allies and shifting priorities to help close a “say/do gap.” Having a solid stance against China is currently a bipartisan mission, which is rare in Washington these days.

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