U.S. Gymnast for Olympics Has COVID, Doctors Find

U.S. Gymnast for Olympics Has COVID, Doctors Find

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The 2020 Olympic Games were supposed to happen last year, but due to the COVID 19 pandemic, officials agreed to postpone them. As the July 23 opening ceremonies approach, the virus is still causing headaches for the Olympic committee.

The latest drawback was the announcement on Monday, July 19, of a positive COVID test for a US women’s gymnastics team member. Coach Al Fong later confirmed it was alternate team member Kara Eaker.

The 18-year-old has had both of her COVID vaccines, which are not a requirement to attend the event. She went into quarantine at a hotel outside of the Olympic Village on July 18 and will remain there for 8 to 14 days. The rest of the team is in the village, having arrived there on July 15.

Reports say Eaker has had no contact with the main team members. The team had said alternates and main team members would train separately, and would also stay in different places. There are reports that one other alternate had close contact with Eaker, and she did room with all three of the others on the alternate team.

Eaker joins another Team USA member, 17-year-old tennis player Coco Gauff, who tested positive and announced she would pull out of the games on July 18.

The announcements of positive tests for people associated with the Olympics are reviving fears over the safety of holding the games. People worry about it becoming a super spreader event in a country already under a state of emergency due to rising infection rates.

As of July 19, there have been 58 positive cases associated with the games since June 20 when teams began arriving at the venue. Those infected include participants, media members, contractors, and other personnel.

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