U.S. Green Berets Assist Ukraine

Photo by Diego González on Unsplash

The U.S. stepped up massively for Ukraine.

Despite not being directly involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United States Army’s Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets, have had a profound impact on Ukraine’s defense.

According to a report by Fox News Digital, Sgt. Maj. Martin Moore, a retired Green Beret, said, “Ukraine was taken very seriously by Special Forces.”

Following Russia annexing Crimea in 2014, the Ukrainian military embarked on an effort to modernize its military forces in preparation for possible further incursions by Russia. At that time, the U.S. military stepped in to assist, with Green Berets taking up a crucial role in training Ukrainian forces.

Moore noted that the Green Berets “immediately set upon a great effort to protect Ukraine” and “provide training,” adding that “There’s nobody better at training than Green Berets.”

Despite not getting as much attention as other special operations forces, particularly the Navy SEALS, the Green Berets are spread out all over the world, assisting armies to prepare for wars, like the one Ukraine is currently fighting.

Typically, these operations are carried out quietly, which Moore says Green Berets prefer, noting that “They go where nobody else is and find out what is possible.”

Moore also noted how Green Berets are “force multipliers,” known to improve the combat capability of the international forces that they help. He also emphasized that the Special Forces did not prioritize “raids and ambushes,” instead, they prioritized “unparalleled understanding” of the area they would be operating.

As part of their training, Green Berets must learn a foreign language. The special forces also receive constant training on the economic, cultural, and political complexities of their assigned regions. It is this distinct skill set that enables them to partner with foreign forces, training them and sometimes fighting alongside them.

The fruit of their training is now being displayed in Ukraine, as the Green Berets and members of the Army’s National Guard have trained and advised Ukrainian forces at Yavoriv Combat Training Center in Western Ukraine.