Two-Headed Snake Swallows Two Mice Simultaneously

Two-Headed Snake Swallows Two Mice Simultaneously

( – Two-headed snakes are a rarity in nature. They are similar to conjoined human twins. They usually do not live long in the wild due to feeding issues and the fact that they’re easy prey.

One notable characteristic of two-headed snakes is the tendency of the two heads to fight over food. Now, one crafty bicephalic serpent has made its internet debut in a video showing its two heads eating two separate mice. This is not a video for the faint of heart, but the footage is interesting.

Brian Barczyk, a reptile breeder known for his work on the Discovery Channel, posted the video on his YouTube page on July 21. His videos show various reptiles, including those at his reptile zoo.

This development has the potential to be significant as it is an especially rare sight. Comments on the video show it is bringing out the inquisitive side of viewers. Commenters have wondered, for example, whether the snake is at risk for obesity from eating too much since the heads share a body. Others have asked whether each head has its own digestive tract; if not, does the creature have to digest its separate meals with the same set of reptilian bowels?

The snake, known as Ben and Jerry, is four years old as of 2021. Barczyk hopes it can live a long and happy life in his care.

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