Twitter Under Fire for Hypocritical Human Rights Statement

Twitter Under Fire for Hypocritical Human Rights Statement

( – Since 2020’s presidential election, Twitter has been quick to remove tweets and ban people based on its behavior policy. Its moderators even removed former President Donald Trump from the platform based on their interpretation of messages he posted.

In this context, it’s somewhat ironic to see Twitter itself undergoing a ban. In a tweet posted on June 5, the company expressed its disdain for the Nigerian government decision to ban the social media platform within the country’s borders. Other users were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the tweet, given the ongoing bans against Trump and other conservatives.

The ban arose from a situation involving Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. He tweeted a message in response to infrastructure attacks in the southeastern part of the country. Buhari condemned the actions and said he would react using “language they understand.”

Twitter saw the message as a violation of its policy against threatening violence. Not willing to let this slide, Buhari banned the platform in the country. Now Facebook is saying access to its services is a human right.

Various conservative users have been tweeting about the situation and asking about the human rights of people the platform has banned or censored. It seems Twitter is only happy with censorship if it is the one who is doing the censoring.

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