Tucker Carlson Reveals NSA Won’t Deny Spying on His Emails

Tucker Carlson Reveals NSA Won't Deny Spying on His Emails

(TheIndependentStar.com) – On June 28, 2021, Tucker Carlson announced that a whistleblower had alerted him to the National Security Agency’s (NSA) interception of his private emails and text messages in an attempt to remove his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, from the air. He said the person had inside information proving the accusations true.

When the story broke, the NSA had yet to comment, but the agency is now speaking up.

In a June 29 tweet, the NSA stated the allegations are untrue, claiming the agency has never spied on Carlson and are not trying to have his show taken off the air. The NSA explained that its focus is on foreign intelligence and activities harmful to the US, and that it does not conduct any covert action without an order to do so.

The NSA disabled commenting on the tweet, but Carlson decided to respond on his broadcast that evening. The Fox News host called it “infuriatingly dishonest.” He also maintains the agency did not directly deny monitoring his communications and instead focused on saying he was not a target of their operations.

The White House did not offer a response when the story initially broke, and the Biden administration still has little to say on the matter. When asked about it by a reporter, Jen Psaki only spoke about the role of the NSA and did not directly address the question regarding the spying accusations, deferring to the agency itself for further comments.

Accusations of a government agency spying on an American citizen and journalist are unsettling at best, and with that remain more questions than answers surrounding the incident.

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