Tucker Carlson Reveals NSA Trying to Leak Data to Shut Down His Show

Tucker Carlson Reveals NSA Trying to Leak Data to Shut Down His Show

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Tucker Carlson believes the government is conspiring to have him removed from the airwaves. The Fox News reporter claims to have insider information on a nefarious plot to silence him. Here’s what we know about this developing story.

The Details

Carlson shared his story with the public during the Monday, June 28 episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, revealing that a whistleblower came forward to accuse the National Security Agency (NSA) of spying on his show. The unknown government source alleges the NSA actively intercepted text messages and emails to and from people involved with the production. The agency’s intended goal is apparently to pull the show from the airwaves by leaking communications.

Carlson admitted he was skeptical upon first hearing what the source had to say. He quickly changed his mind when the person revealed information that should have been known only to Tonight show insiders.

The Fox News host believes the move is politically connected to the Biden administration, which he says is instituting a “war on terror… against American citizens.” He also told viewers that the NSA’s actions were illegal, and that he had filed a request to access the collected data under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Other Reactions

The NSA and White House have yet to respond to requests for comments on the situation. However, others have spoken up in support of Carlson.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) urged the House Committee on Oversight and Reform to investigate the claims right away, bringing criminal charges for rights violations if they are true. The Libertarian Party of Texas also responded, suggesting we should “Defund the NSA.”

Is It Legal?

The NSA has a long history of spying on citizens, but usually only does so for the purpose of protecting the US from international terrorist threats. Certain laws also grant the organization the right to carry out surveillance on communications between a citizen and an international party.

However, these loopholes are unlikely to apply to Carlson or his show. Spying on private citizens is generally considered a violation of the observed person’s rights.

So, is the NSA really carrying out a covert operation against Tucker Carlson? And if so, what does it mean for freedom of speech and the press? How can these institutions be maintained if the government is using federal agencies to silence journalists?

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