Tucker Carlson Defends Larry Elder From Racist, Sick Attacks

Tucker Carlson Defends Larry Elder From Racist, Sick Attacks

(TheIndependentStar.com) – California is in the midst of a recall election, and Governor Gavin Newsom (D) faces a fight for his job. Should he lose the recall vote, Larry Elder (R) looks the most likely to replace him. Elder’s victory would put a Republican in control of a deep blue state.

On August 20, the headline of an editorial in the Los Angeles Times called the conservative “the black face of white supremacy.” The paper went on to say he was “smug” and accused him of whitewashing the problems of the black community. It was a scathing takedown of the gubernatorial candidate.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went after the Times for the story, saying the classification of Elder as a white supremacist was ridiculous. He mocked the paper and blamed it for reporting in such a way out of fear the candidate could come out victorious in the upcoming election.

Carlson’s monologue on his August 25 show mocked the LA Times. He made fun of the fact that nobody knew about Elder’s deep dark secret of being a racist throughout his time growing up in South Central and his career as a radio show host. He called those behind the story a “crack investigation team.”

He said the candidate’s real crimes, according to this line of thinking, were running for office and criticizing Democrats. Carlson simply points out the Los Angeles Times is not happy the voters are expressing themselves in support of a Republican.

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