Trump Worried About Taliban Hostage Situation

Trump Worried About Taliban Hostage Situation

( – The crisis in Afghanistan is raging on days after the Taliban overtook the country. As the group’s leaders continue to tweet out their messages, the US is trying to figure out its next move. The current president is keeping rather quiet, but his predecessor isn’t holding back.

Former President Donald Trump spoke candidly with Fox News host Sean Hannity in an interview on August 17. He expressed serious concerns that Americans left behind in Afghanistan may now be hostages of the Taliban.

“I can guarantee you they consider them to be hostages,” the former president stated. He went on to say this is not something that will end overnight. He foresees a horrible ending to the situation.

Also, during the interview, Trump compared the current crisis to events that unfolded in Saigon in 1975, saying this is much worse. He explains the terrorist organization has the Kabul airport surrounded, and there have already been reports of violence.

President Biden was quick to place blame for the disastrous takeover on the previous president’s deal with Taliban leaders. Trump noted his deal included compromises and agreements that would result in swift military retaliation if anything like this took place. He said the terrorist officials likely see that deal as void now.

Trump predicted the events in the Middle Eastern nation will result in one of the worst hostage crises the US has ever seen. He also said President Biden has “humiliated the United States more than any other president in history.”

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