Trump Plan Splits Conservatives

Donald Trump

( – In a development causing concern for a significant number of conservatives, a plan by Donald Trump proposing that foreign graduates from American universities should automatically qualify for a green card has received mixed reactions from his supporters.

On June 20, during an appearance on the “All-In” podcast—which focuses on the economy, technology, and politics—former President Trump shared his views.

Observers note that while the proposal might benefit businesses and the economic landscape, it has not been well received by staunch advocates for stricter border controls, The College Fix reports.

The Wall Street Journal’s pro-free market editorial board commended the idea, stating in a June 23 editorial that the U.S. “doesn’t train enough native engineers and scientists, particularly given the decades-long failure of public K-12 education.”

“The U.S. needs foreign talent to compete with China, which is sprinting ahead in many high-tech and scientific areas that will determine who leads the world in the future,” remarked the editorial from this leading conservative publication.

However, Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, criticized the idea as a “cockamamie proposal” in a statement to the New York Post on June 21, suggesting it would inundate universities with “a firehose of foreign cash” by “stapling a green card to the diploma.”

Echoing a similar viewpoint, Jeremy Beck, vice president of NumbersUSA, which promotes immigration restrictions, told the Washington Post, “You’d turn colleges into visa mills.”

Eric Ruark, director of research at NumbersUSA, commented that the proposal would be detrimental to U.S. citizens.

“It would add hundreds of thousands of additional people to the labor market every year, and that’s going to put a downward pressure on wages,” he explained.

Ruark further noted that the proposal would heighten competition between American college applicants and international students, who typically pay full tuition rates.

“This is not a good idea when it comes to setting up a system that benefits Americans,” he added, pointing out that Trump was addressing a group of Silicon Valley CEOs and potential donors during the podcast.

The California Immigrant Policy Center did not provide a comment when contacted by The College Fix.

The discussion originated from the June 20 podcast episode, where host Jason Calicanis asked Trump if he would “promise us you will give more ability to import the best and brightest around the world to America.”

“I do promise,” Trump responded, lamenting the loss of talented foreign graduates to their home countries, including China. “It’s so sad when we lose people from Harvard, MIT, from the greatest schools—and lesser schools that are phenomenal also,” he said.

In 2020 and 2021, foreign students comprised 4.6 percent of the U.S. college student population, with 35 percent originating from China and 18 percent from India, as per the Pew Research Center.

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