Trump ‘Pissed’ About This

( – While Donald Trump has been the subject of fierce leftist persecution, few things infuriate the former president as much as the targeting of his children – so he has been especially angered that his eldest daughter, Ivanka, was forced to testify in his $250 million civil fraud trial.

Despite the intensity of his Manhattan civil fraud trial, Donald Trump is reportedly most troubled by his daughter Ivanka Trump being summoned to testify, reports Page 6, a New York Post edition.

Ivanka, aged 42, appeared in the Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday as the state’s concluding witness, following unsuccessful legal efforts by her and her father to exclude her from the proceedings.

“What you aren’t hearing in court is how upset and agitated [Donald Trump] is that his children have been dragged into court. He feels it’s another move to upset him. He’s pissed,” a source close to the Trump family told the news outlet.

“This is causing problems with Ivanka who has worked hard to stay under the radar for last two-ish years, and is bracing herself for the press and paparazzi who will pounce on her at court,” the source added.

The imminent media frenzy at the courthouse was a cause of concern for her and her father, who is sympathetic to the impact this exposure will have on her life in Miami, where she has been focusing on her family.

Ivanka and her spouse, Jared Kushner, have distanced themselves from the limelight after serving as advisors in the White House, Page Six noted previously.

Donald Trump’s sons, Don Jr. and Eric, have already testified, and Trump himself took the stand on Monday.

“He sympathizes with [Ivanka’s] feelings because of how it affects her life in Miami… Ivanka wants zero [public] attention, and now she’s being thrust back into the spotlight and Trump is upset that this is happening to her,” another source told the news outlet.

Another informant, however, described Ivanka as resilient.

“She’s tough … this isn’t her first rodeo with this stuff. She’s lived a more private life, and this is more of an annoying thing. She’ll do what she needs to do and go back to Miami,” the other source said.

Donald Trump stands accused of inflating his financial status for personal gain in his business activities.

“The fraud is on the court, not on me,” he said, denying the charges.