Trump Launches 2024 Presidential Bid?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s what happened…

Although former President Donald Trump hasn’t formally announced running for the 2024 presidential election, in his first rally of 2022, he pledged to “take back the White House.”

The frontrunner for the GOP’s presidential nomination, it comes as no surprise that former President Donald Trump has begun rallying his supporters in what some are calling a “soft-launch.”

Speaking to a sea of supporters who gathered at the Country Thunder festival grounds in Florence, Arizona, the former President gave what many believe is his first stump speech for a 2024 campaign.

The speech was laden with criticism of President Biden, as Trump called his successor “incompetent” and took issue with his handling of the pandemic, economy, foreign policy and crime. He also predicted that “a great red wave” would begin in 2024 before vowing that 2022 would be “the year we take back the House” and the Senate.

The former President also touched on his election loss in 2020. He repeated previous claims that he won the election saying the election was “rigged” before he said, “ I ran twice, and we won twice.”

Trump’s choice to host his first rally of the year in Arizona isn’t surprising. Arizona is a crucial battleground state for the upcoming midterm elections and one of the six states in which Biden narrowly won the election in 2020 to win the White House.

According to an announcement made by Trump’s Save America PAC on Friday (January 14), the former President’s next rally will take place at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe, Texas, on January 29.

A report by Fox News also revealed the former President has plans to deliver two rallies a month going forward.