Trump Jr. Says He’s Looking at Polls, Mulling a Bid

Trump Jr. Says He's Looking at Polls, Mulling a Bid

( – President Joe Biden hasn’t been in office for even a year, but Republicans have been working on the next presidential election since their loss in 2020, and the forerunner is former President Donald Trump.

Trump has been rather guarded about his plans, refusing to state whether he will try to take another shot at the White House. While many people hope he does run, if he should decide not to, there is someone else his supportive base will get behind: his son, Donald Trump Jr.

The younger Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas Texas on Friday, July 9, sharing his patriotic and conservative side. At the event, Fox News asked him if he would consider running for president in 2024. In response, he stated he hasn’t “personally thought about it.”

He did share that he has seen polls showing him as a frontrunner if his father decides not to run. Trump Jr. is quite popular with his father’s supporters and could be the logical person to fill his dad’s shoes if the elder Trump decides not to try for another four years in the White House.

Trump Jr. did express some hesitancy when speaking about the job. He remarked that to run means he would need to “want to do the day job,” and he is unsure that is what he wants to do. He loves campaigning and speaking about conservative values, but committing to the office of president may be too much right now for the father of five.

One thing Trump Jr. made clear was that he wants to keep working to promote the conservative agenda. Whether that leads him to the Oval Office or not remains yet to be seen.

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