Trump Insider Delivers BAD News To Dems

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats better prepare.

Former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had plenty to say about the Democrats’ leadership on The Cats Roundtable on WABC 770 AM-NY. According to the former Secretary of State, the Biden administration was exposing the Democrats’ bad politics to the American people, saying that the 2022 midterms would exact a price for those policies.

Talking about borders, COVID-19 restrictions, record-breaking inflation, and energy, Pompeo said voters were “feeling it in addition to seeing it.”

He said he was convinced that in November 2022, American voters would follow New Jersey’s and Virginia’s lead, by acknowledging “the reality of what’s good for them and good for their families.” He continued by saying, “they’re going to send a lot of these people back to become civilians and take them out of political life.”

Pompeo brought up the southern border in his discussion with John Catsimatidis, saying that Democrats were more concerned with their politics than legal citizens by imposing measures on them but not on undocumented migrants.

The former Secretary of State continued the discussion by saying he was closely watching what was happening at the southern border while mentioning his concern. “They are not serious about protecting American sovereignty. They’re not serious about making sure we don’t get massive cases of sick people coming across the border with COVID,” he said.

He mentioned the Democrats proposed COVID-19 testing mandate, saying that the requirements would be enforced against Americans returning home, but not on foreigners who entered the country illegally. He called this discrepancy “confounding” saying it made “absolutely no sense.”

Lambasting the Democrats he said these measures put the health and safety of Americans in jeopardy. He went on to say that it wasn’t just Mexican citizens and Central Americans crossing the border, but “people coming in from all over,” and that this would put the U.S. at risk against someone who wanted to harm America.

Pompeo concluded by saying, “open borders were always a bad idea, but it should be more apparent to Americans now more than ever, particularly as the illegals get privileges not afforded to citizens under the guise of COVID.”