Trump Grabs Big Endorsement

Donald Trump

( – Underscoring the urgency to make America great again, House Speaker Mike Johnson publicly endorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

This move, announced during an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” highlights Johnson’s firm support for Trump’s political endeavors.

Johnson emphatically stated, “I’m all in for President Trump,” and expressed his belief that Trump will emerge as the party’s nominee, emphasizing the necessity to limit Joe Biden to a single term.

Johnson’s endorsement, while vocal and unequivocal, had been anticipated, given his previous alignment with Trump. However, the timing and context of his official backing remained ambiguous. Notably, Trump hadn’t formally endorsed Johnson during the latter’s recent ascension to the House Speaker role amid a fairly complicated bid to succeed the displaced Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California.

Trump’s influence within the Republican Party remains dominant, and his positioning in the 2024 presidential race is a testament to this. Johnson’s early endorsement, particularly before the beginning of primary voting, is atypical for a congressional party leader and signifies a break from traditional political norms.

Reflecting on his political alignment, Johnson recalled his support for Trump in the 2020 elections, including leading a Supreme Court brief endorsed by over a hundred House Republicans. This legal move was part of a broader strategy to challenge suspicious Electoral College results, particularly in states that favored Biden.

When questioned about Trump’s actions and assertions regarding the 2020 election, Johnson maintained a stance of unwavering support. He emphasized the importance of principles and policies over personalities, lauding Trump’s policies as superior to Biden’s. In response to inquiries about Trump’s election fraud claims, Johnson expressed his belief in Trump’s sincerity regarding these convictions.

When asked about Trump’s record of statements and claims, Johnson pointed out the prevalence of inaccuracies in Washington’s leftwing political discourse. He insisted on the authenticity of Trump’s beliefs about the 2020 election results, describing them as deeply held convictions.

Furthermore, Johnson highlighted Trump’s commitment to the rule of law, exemplified by his actions regarding the Supreme Court. He also dismissed the significance of the four ongoing criminal cases against Trump, labeling them as politically motivated attacks.